Welcome to MSC

MSC is a well-established partnership of schools working closely together to provide excellent teacher training in Somerset and the surrounding counties.  

We pride ourselves on our superb working relationships with our schools and our ability to meet the needs of our trainee teachers. In January 2013 the MSC‘s provision was graded as ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted. We are never complacent and strive to act on trainees’ and schools’ feedback to strengthen our provision.

The MSC aims to

  1. Recruit highly qualified and motivated graduates to train to teach with its partnership schools
  2. Work collaboratively with its partnership schools to provide high quality training for all trainees
  3. Enable trainees to make the maximum amount of progress against the Teachers’ standards
  4. Support trainees with securing employment in state schools within the local area
  5. Produce NQTs who are confident and resilient

We offer several routes to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) with the option of taking a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) with 60 M level credits.

Ofsted have commented on the ‘outstanding coherence of the training course’ which challenges ‘trainees to stretch themselves to attain consistently high quality teaching skills by the end of the course.’ MSC has a reputation for selecting high calibre trainees who excel during their training year and continue to excel when they join the teaching profession; they prove to be highly competent, committed and enthusiastic teachers.

We are always very happy to answer your queries or questions so please do contact us.

We recognise diversity is important and has a positive impact on our professional community, we welcome applications from candidates of all backgrounds. 

The partnership is central to the success of the MSC. The outstanding training successfully combines school-based training with an excellent range of complementary professional studies. The partnership offers opportunities to mentors, SLEs and schools to deliver key aspects of the professional training thus bringing contemporary issues to the forefront of training.

High employment rates typically exceed those found nationally; these successfully support local recruitment and teacher retention in partner schools. Many of our previous trainees now hold middle and senior management posts in schools within Somerset. 

 Partnership Manager: Sarah Lewis

Assistant Partnership Manager: Verity Stoffell

MSC Personnel: Sophie Hopkins and Sally Emery

Finance Officer: Stephanie Plowman  

Training to teach 

If you are looking to train to teach as a secondary school teacher, there are a variety of routes and ways to achieve this. 

The first thing you need to decide is where do you want to train? 

University or School led? The MSC is a SCITT and offers a personalised, intensive training course, with a hands on approach.  With the MSC you will know when you accept your place which school you will be training in. Click here to find out about some common misconceptions and myths about school led teacher training.

 Which Route is best for you? 

If you are looking to teach a shortage subject and you have teaching experience, the salaried route could be for you.

If you are new to teaching and looking to train, the fee-paying route could be right for you. Available in most subjects, the majority of fee-paying places attract a tax-free bursary. 

What do I get? 

The MSC offer a well-designed course, which leads to the award of Qualified Teacher Status. This is the main qualification. Alongside this, trainees can study a PGCE, which is an additional qualification.

Click below for more information on both routes.