CPD with MSC

“Training delivered by Somerset teachers for Somerset teachers”

Along with initial teacher training, the MSC also offers CPD training for qualified teachers.

Developing the Somerset Teacher 

In 2013 The Somerset Challenge was set up in response to the educational outcomes of young people within the Somerset education system being below that of the national average. One of the perceived needs to raise achievement was to develop a framework for professional development to support and challenge teachers at different stages in their career. The MSC and some of its partnership schools teamed up in 2014 to offer 2 new, highly successful programmes.

1. NQTs (for Newly Qualified Teachers in their first year of teaching)





Our successful NQT programme offers a chance for newly qualified teachers to refresh their practice and remind themselves of key aspects of their training year.  

M level credits and research opportunities will be available for those teachers who wish to pursue an MA in Education (additional cost approximately £500-£600 per 30 credits*). Our aim is to provide coherent training programmes designed by collaboration between lead practioners within Somerset. The emphasis is on research informing practice, critical evaluation and collaboration. 

"Today's session was informative and useful, I can implement ideas straight away in to my lessons immeadiately"

Why choose us?

  • The training sessions will be led by Somerset teachers from Somerset schools, tapping into the expertise that we have within the county.
  • Programmes will be rigorously Quality Assured.
  • There is the option to enrol for M level accreditation for each programme.
  • The NQT training programme is coherent with an emphasis on peer discussion, action planning, implementation and reflection and aims to support the NQT throughout his/her first year.
  • The NQT training is provided at cost, subsidised by the Mid Somerset Consortium for initial teacher training.

Training costs will depend on the number of NQTs enrolled, we estimate it to be no more than £70 per NQT, per conference.


2. Getting the Learning Great (for recently qualified teachers and those who would benefit from additional training to move their practice from consistently ‘good’ to ‘great)

The Course…

This programme is aimed at teachers who are in the first five years of their teaching careers, or more experienced practioners who want to move their practice from consistently good up to great. Drawing on the expertise of leading Somerset teachers; this programme is the result of collaborative planning and sharing of ideas. The aim is to focus teachers on the margins of their practice to make those small changes which deliver results for pupils.

All sessions are delivered by practising teachers who use these strategies and skills daily in their classrooms.

  • What does great look like?
  • Giving Great feedback
  • Great collaboration in the classroom
  • Great Intervention
  • Ensuring Great Progress
  • Great Engagement and Learning

M level credits and research opportunities will be available for those teachers who wish to pursue an MA in Education