From October 2021, all teacher training applications will be submitted via the .GOV website, UCAS will not longer be available. More information to come. Our courses are currently closed. 

UCAS TT (Teacher Training) is set to open October 2020. The MSC will be accepting applications from the above date until June 2021. We have a variety of subjects and routes, please take some time to look at the routes and what suits you best, if you have further queries, please do get in touch,

For entry onto a teacher training course 2021-2022 applicants will need to apply either through UCAS Teacher Training or via the new Dept. for Education  Course search and apply option. 

UCAS teacher training is a single admissions system for all of the main postgraduate routes into teaching, this includes School Direct and established courses run by MSC.  

The key features of the UCAS TT system:

  • All applications will be processed through a single system, UCAS Teacher Training.
  • Applicants will have two windows in which they can make applications:  Apply 1 and Apply 2; there will be no "Extra" or "Clearing".
  • Applications will be processed in parallel in Apply 1 and sequentially in Apply 2.

Apply 1

  • In Apply 1 applicants can make up to three choices with no restrictions as to route or age group. So they might make three HEI choices or they might choose a mixture of courses run by HE course providers, SCITTs or School Direct.
  • In Apply 1 the three choices will be made and considered at the same time. Schools and providers will not have visibility of the other choices an applicant has made.
  • Schools and providers will have 40 working days from receipt of an application to make a decision (working days exclude weekends, bank holidays and UCAS Christmas closure).
  • Applicants will have ten working days from the receipt of their final decision to respond to offers. They may only hold one offer; they must decline any others.

Apply 2

  • Applicants can only use Apply 2 if they have been through Apply 1 but are not holding any offers.
  • In Apply 2, applicants make one choice at a time; they can make as many choices as they want but they are considered sequentially.
  • The turnaround times are the same as for Apply 1. 

Personal Statement 

  • Why do you want to work with children?
  • What experience do you have of working with children?
  • What qualities do you have which will make you a good teacher?
  • What have you seen during your in school observations and what do you think about it?
  • What appeals to you about your subject area?
  • What extra could you bring to a school?

 School-funded trainees

School-funded trainees do not need to apply via UCAS TT, school-funded applicants need to contact the MSC office directly by email: The MSC will issue school-funded candidates with an application form and we will require a letter of confirmation from the employing school, to confirm intention to train. 

 Safer Recruitment Guidance (policies adopted from Crispin School/Somerset County Council) 

Section 4a - Safer Recruitment Guidance 

Section 4b(ii) - Recruitment of Ex-offenders





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