Do you offer primary training?

No, we only offer secondary teacher training.


Do I need a degree to teach?

Yes, you must have a degree and as a rule of thumb,  50% of the degree needs to be in the subject you want to teach.


How much of my degree needs to be the subject I want to teach?

50% of your degree must be in the subject you want to teach, sometimes we will request transcripts to check this is the case.


Is the course full time?

Presently we only offer full time training.


How often does professional training run and where is this located?

Professional training takes place once a week, 9am - 2pm (approximate and subject to change). The sessions are booked at the start of the year and trainees are given a calendar to follow.  The training is mostly held in the MSC Training room, located at Crispin School, Street. Some sessions will take place at other venues, for example in the past we have hosted EAL training at Millfield School in Street. Trainees will need to travel by car at times, we do try to look at this geographically and remain sympathetic when arranging training.


How many placements will I have?

The MSC provides one home school placement and a 6 week second school placement (4 weeks for employed trainees). Trainees will also have an opportunity to visit a primary school and a College or 6th form.


Can I choose my placement School?

The MSC prides itself on its ability to match trainees to our partner schools, the interview process is rigorous and designed for this purpose. The MSC works with the candidates and schools to ensure that placements are mutually beneficial. Candidates are informed at all stages of the process as we negotiate with schools.  Candidates can choose their second school, providing it offers a complementary experience. 


Can I work at a School if I have family Members there?

This must be signed off by the training school and the MSC. 


Is the course QTS and PGCE?

Yes, every trainee will gain QTS and the PGCE is offered on top of this. 


Is there any accommodation attached?

Unfortunately not. 


I have children is there childcare facilities?

Unfortunately not, However the SLC provide financial assistance for candidates with children. Click here


When does the application portal open?

The DfE system will open on 12th October 2021 and we generally recruit until July 2022. 


Can I apply if I am still completing my degree?

Yes, you may apply but any offer made would be conditional on you obtaining your degree by the first day of the course.


Can I register for an information pack?

Yes, please click here


Who will my mentor be and how often will I be able to meet them?

A mentor will be a subject specialist who is based within your dept. You will meet with them for 1 hour a week, as well as informal, ongoing guidance throughout the school week. 


I am worried about the bursary, how do I apply for that?

The MSC will check your eligibility and then apply for a bursary on your behalf. Trainees only need to present he required evidence as and when the MSC request it. The first payment will then be made in October and in ten instalments from then onwards. 

Trainees are responsible for applying for a Student Loan to cover the course fees.