Fee-Paying Routes


Applications will reopen on 11th October 2022. 

Course title: SCITT Fee-Paying

Course Fees: £9250

Bursary Entitlement: Subject Dependant

Duration: 1st September-30th June

School Placement Location: Central Somerset

Lead school/Alliance: MSC SCITT Places

Training Provider: Mid Somerset Consortium 

Course title: School Direct Fee-Paying

Course Fees: £9250

Bursary Entitlement: Subject Dependent

Duration: 1st September-30th June

School Placement Location: North Dorset

Lead school/Alliance: SAST, previously the North Dorset Teaching Alliance 

Training Provider: Mid Somerset Consortium

 The MSC works in partnership to offer SCITT and School Direct fee paying training routes to candidates. In all cases the training received by trainees is the same. The MSC works collaboratively with most of the secondary schools in Somerset and North Dorset; we work together to ensure that trainees get the best training opportunity possible on the most appropriate route for them. We will always look at applications that we receive and work with our partners to find the best route for candidates (which may not be what the candidate has applied for).

  1. Apply directly to the MSC. The MSC has a wide range of subjects which it offers as SCITT places. 
  2. School Direct through the Sherborne Area Schools' Trust (SAST). SAST is an alliance of schools in North Dorset. They offer teaching training places within their schools in a wide range of subjects. The MSC is SAST's Teacher Training Provider for School Direct and candidates applying to the SAST will be trained by the MSC and have school placements in North Dorset schools.

 Each of the three options is considered a separate choice. If a candidate chooses more than one of the above options then the MSC will approach the candidate to seek guidance on any preferences and to discuss how the candidate would like to proceed with the different applications. We work to place candidates in the most appropriate schools and settings; the MSC, Crispin School Salaried places and NDSTA work collaboratively to achieve this with our schools taking trainees from a variety of different routes.

 The MSC’s fees for each of the training routes above is £9250. Every fee paying trainee is most likely entitled to a student loan from the Student Loans Company to cover all or part of this. Alternatively, trainees may pay from their bursaries, from private funds or any mixture of these.