Meet the Partnership Manager 

Due to the current situation, events are restricted at this time. Thank you to those who attended the Autumn Bristol Train to Teach event.

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An interview with the MSC Partnership Manager, Sarah Lewis. A big thank you to Street Nub News, you can read the full article here. 

Tell us what your role involves from day to day Sarah?

 Like teaching every day is different and you don’t always know what is going to land on your ‘doorstep’. Tuesdays are my favourite day by far. It is our centralised training day and we have all of our trainees come in to Crispin School to our dedicated training suite and spend the day immersed in the theory of teaching and learning. It is always a great day as everyone has different experiences and ideas so we all learn a lot from it. I also spend time ‘out and about’ in other towns and villages visiting trainee teachers in their schools, watching them teach and helping them to improve their practice.

My main reason for getting up in the morning is to ensure that our young people have able and inspiring teachers in front of them at school who are going to work to help each of them reach their potential so that when they leave school they have choice over what they can and want to pursue as a career.

What do you like about the Street area? How are you involved in the local community?

I am a biologist by training and have a passion for plants. The countryside around Street has a wealth of different habitats and plant life which is so interesting. I never mind being stuck in a traffic jam as there is always something really interesting to look at through the window. I have recently started to make baskets so the levels are an ideal place to be based with so much willow growing.

Tell us a bit more about the MSC at Crispin?

 We are a school based initial teacher training provider which means that we train graduates to become secondary school teachers in our local schools. We are ideally suited for people who want to learn ‘on the job’ and be part of a school community. If you live locally and want to be a secondary school teacher then we would be the ideal first call as we work with all of the secondary schools in the area.

We are based at Crispin, which is an ideal location but work with schools as far afield as Blandford Forum and Minehead. Crispin School has a great commitment to training teachers and we have trainees placed here in various departments each year.

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